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The Sewciety Kids Program is proven successful. It was born in our own sewing studio in Westfield, NJ, where we have been teaching kids to sew since 2015. The Program is successful because we offer projects and fabrics that appeal to modern kids. The variety and quality of the projects keeps them interested and coming back for more. Parents love the Program because their kids are being creative (not staring at a screen!) and learning a valuable skill.

Cost Effectiveness

Licensed Members simply pay an Initial Registration fee, then a fixed Monthly Licensing fee to use the Program. We do not collect any royalties based on your sales – you keep ALL the profit! Members may purchase Unit Content (patterns) individually as needed, spreading the cost over a period of time. Plus, once you’ve purchased Unit Content, it can be re-used over and over for all future students!


Licensed Members have full control over the size of their Program. You can design it to fit your schedule and your financial goals. Individuals may purchase a Home-Use License and teach a few classes a week to generate extra part-time income. New or existing businesses may purchase a Business-Use License and offer a full-scale Program for an unlimited number of classes and students.

Excellent Growth Potential

The Sewciety Kids program offers enormous growth potential for little additional investment. Growth can be achieved simply by adding more classes and students per week. You can also grow your business by offering additional content such as Summer Camps, Mini-Camps, and Girl Scout Events.

Technical Support and Marketing Assistance

The Sewciety Kids team is here to help you! We have years of experience teaching kids using the Sewciety Kids curriculum, so we can answer all of your questions. Whether you have technical questions about the projects or just need general advice, we can help. Plus, you’ll have access to lots of marketing tools (both digital and printed) to bring students to your Program.


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